Gutter Confessions

Sharp images and hazy memories of Sydney's Nightlife
Gutter Confessions by Patrick Stevenson

What Is “Gutter Confessions”?

“Gutter Confessions” is a collection of my best photography taken in the last years of the Era of Australian Nightlife. Some pictures are confronting, some are visceral, some are lighthearted, but all of them are real and give us a chance to reflect on the experiences we had before the Nanny Nation decided to take our playground away.

I am in the process of curating my collection, and I intend to produce a book telling the stories I witnesses through the lense.

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Patrick Stevenson

About Patrick

Patrick Stevenson has been living and documenting the music and entertainment scene for more than 15 years. Starting with a borrowed point-and-shoot camera at house parties, he quickly progressed to the bustling music scene, becoming one of the leading nightclub photographers in Sydney. Developing strong relationships with performers and promoters, he established himself as a brilliant and creative resource to document gigs, concerts, festivals and tours.

Amassing an impressive collection of photographs documenting the very different worlds which collide at any event - the manic fans and crazy scenes in the audience, along with the stress, excitement and insanity behind the scenes, he decided to share his collection with others, allowing us all to reminisce about the nightlife which was destroyed by bureaucrats and politicians for their own ends.